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Penguin merry christmasPenguin Merry Christmas Norwegian



A bilingual Christmas wish (English and Norwegian!)


As usual, time has caught up with us, and the semester suddenly is over for this year (and the year 2011 as well!). I hope that you have enjoyed the semester and the assignments and discussions, and look forward to "seeing" many of you in classes in 2012.

Grades will be available later this week, as soon as I have checked through all your assignments. The rubrics will be available with your scores, so that you can see how I arrived at the numbers. Final grades will be published on myGate on Tuesday, December 13th.


Dr. Johan Koren

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Welcome to

LIB 601 Learning and Libraries

Fall 2012

Brain reading

Course Description:

The role of libraries and librarians in encouraging learning, and the concept of information literacy as an essential competency for the enhancement of lifelong learning.

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